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Get each and every flavor of Zen Press juice and immune boosting shots.  


Package includes:

9 X 16oz Cold Press Juices

4 X 4oz Immune Boosting Shots

Beginners Cleanse (3 Days)

  • Start every day with (1) immunity shot of your choice. 

    Day 1 

    10AM- Joy

    2PM- Restore

    6PM- Clarity

    Day 2

    10AM- Glow

    2PM- Dispel

    6PM- Seasonal Bliss

    Day 3

    10AM - Honey Melon

    12PM- Heal

    2PM - Power

    6PM- End with the last immunity shot

    * Drink 6 Glasses of water daily in between juice cleanse

    *  It is okay to sip on the 3 kinds of juices throughout the day to make is easier to complete this juice cleanse. 

    * For best effects, only drink the cold pressed juices for the duration of the cleanse. 


  • The beginners cleanse are for those who have never done a juice cleanse before. It contains each and every flavor of juices Zen Press has to offer. You will be given a schedule to follow for 3 days. This cleanse is easier to do as it has 8 different kinds of Cold Press Juice flavors and 4 kinds of Wellness Shots, that way your 3 Day cleanse would not feel too repetitive and there would be something to look forward to everyday.

    This Beginners Cleanse will help you 

    1. Reset your system getting rid of any impurities.

    2. Cleanses your guts, leaving you with a healthier stronger gut.

    3. Gives you clean energy and leaves you feeling lighter. 

    4. Gives you a feeling of accomplisment! Doing a Juice Cleanse requires a lot of courage and support. So if you can do this, you can do anything you put your mind into. 


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